This Homeowner's Dining Room Finally Matches Her Age

After ditching all that heavy brown, the space feels much more youthful.

Christina Williams, the blogger behind the Christina Williams Blog, had a dining room that wasn't terrible by any means, but it also wasn't really her. When she and her family moved into their new home, she took one look at the space and knew it needed her special touch. The entire room felt too wooden and stiff, full of neutral and brown tones. 

See for yourself here:

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She started with a more elaborate original plan  — on her list was scalloped wallpaper and red chairs — but things didn't turn out exactly as planned. One of the few items on her original wish list that she did make a reality was a black, industrial chandelier — and it sparked the rest of the transformation. After installing the new lighting, she purchased a soft gray-white table with a weathered wash (big enough to fit as many as eight people). Realizing it didn't match her favorite hutch, Williams chose to paint over the wooden piece with a dark gray. 

This then left her to struggle for a little while about what to do with the walls. Opting out of her original idea for wallpaper, she kept with the same gray palette — which she notes is also perfect for displaying her milk glass collection. To give the room a color boost, she painted eight wooden chairs lively shades of pink, blue, green and red. 

And at last — after many, many hours of painting — she chose to decorate an empty wall space with an arrangement of glass patterned plates, and hung an abstract painting that matched her new seating. 

Now Williams' new dining room is a much more youthful fit: 

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Media Platforms Design Team

Media Platforms Design Team

See more details of her new dining room here

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