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10 Indoor Hanging Plants That Purify the Air and Add So Much Dimension

No more floor space? No problem.

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You can add greenery to your home in more ways than just putting a plant on the windowsill or in an empty corner. To truly turn your space into an oasis, consider hanging plants from your ceiling or walls, which provides oxygen and adds an unexpected touch of dimension. "When choosing hanging plants, ensure you have a strong enough beam or structure to hang from first and foremost," advises Stephen McFarlane, regional landscape manager at Sandals Resorts International. "This location should be in an area that receives adequate indirect light," McFarlane adds. "And throughout the year, turn the basket regularly to ensure even growth. Using a soilless mix that contains perlite for your hanging baskets will keep the basket lighter and will improve drainage also. Check soil moisture regularly, water when the top inch of the mix is dry, and fertilize with a balanced slow-release fertilizer every two to three months," he notes.

Ready to take on hanging plant parent status? Ahead, discover 10 indoor hanging plants that will surely add some scenic greenery to your living space.

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Spider Plant
National Plant Network

If you're looking for a wispy oxygen-providing plant, this is your guy. One of the best air purifiers, this Southern Africa native features spiky lime green and yellow variegated foliage. It looks beautiful next to shelving or with a downward hanging trellis. "The Spider plant prefers bright indirect light, but avoid direct sunlight as it may scorch the leaves," says McFarlane. “Keep the plant slightly moist and water it when the top inch of soil becomes dry, as overwatering will lead to root rot. Fertilizing every three to four months with a balanced fertilizer should be sufficient.”

Devil's Ivy
Costa Farms

Popularly known as "Golden Pothos," the Devil’s Ivy plant is another one of those easy-growing indoor plants. It is stunning to witness how the leaves and vines on this plant will start to either drop down and spread out of its hanging basket or climb beautifully along your walls. All you need is a low to moderate window light, and “Pothos likes to have its soil drier between waterings, but be careful not to under-water, so watch the leaves for signs of drought stress, like browning, scorched margins," says McFarlane. "Fertilizer should be a balanced granular like 14-14-14 osmocote every three months," he adds.

Philodendron Brasil Plant

True to its name, the Philodendron Brasil is native to South America and the Caribbean and will be easy to care for even if you don’t come with a natural green thumb. This plant tolerates low light environments well, so if you don't have a bright window to hang your plants next to, this is a good option for you. Even better, the attractive, heart-shaped Philodendron Brasil is a natural indoor air purifier.

String of Pearls

Also known as button orchid, if you walk the desert of southwest Africa, you'll find String of Pearls rooting as a succulent groundcover. While they hang beautifully in a basket, they spread like a vine across the desert floor. They root very well, so use potting mix instead of regular soil with minimal watering in a drainage pot. Its minimal leaf surface area reduces evaporation and water loss while hanging in the planter, too.

Spanish Moss
Air Plants Online

Quintessential southern cities like Savannah, Charleston, and New Orleans are ripe with the thick and succulent Spanish Moss or Tillandsia. This is the most common type of air plant that lives on live oaks and cypress trees. Spanish Moss is a low-maintenance hanging plant, as it doesn’t require direct sunlight. However, to keep it looking its prime, consider spraying two to four times a week with a mister.

Burrito Burro's Tail
Hirts: Cacti & Succulents

For plant lovers that are inclined towards the succulent varieties, Burro's Tail has thick meaty leaves that can retain water for a long time. Once the plant starts to grow, you will witness heavy hanging fronds that trail down from the basket forming a large pale-green ball in a beautiful waterfall. Keep the Burro's Tail in partial sun or bright shade and only water once a month after the topsoil layer dries completely.

Boston Fern
Nearly Natural

Not much light in the room you’re furnishing? Not to worry, the Boston Fern thrives in bright indirect light and away from drafts. This vibrant green plant has beautiful serrated fronds that form a bush over time. Also, if you have pets, the plant is non-toxic, meaning it won't harm your curious cat or dog. Caring for the plant requires some work as you must keep the soil moist most of the time and make sure to spray the plant with water twice a day. However, if you’re busy during the day, you can use a humidifier to make sure the moisture content remains in the soil.

Bougainvillea Plant Hanging Basket
National Tree Company

Bougainvillea—which are native to eastern South America—are sun-loving shrubs that are fairly tolerant of droughts. They also flourish in states with mild winters, such as Texas, Florida, Hawaii, and California, as well as in containers. One thing to keep in mind, though: Bougainvillea can become overgrown if you don't keep an eye on them, so make sure to maintain them! Plus, they flourish year-round in warm climates.

Morning Glory Plant Hanging Basket
CC Christmas Decor

Native to Central and South America, morning glory flowers come in red, blue, purple, pink, and white. Plus, they even have the approval of design icon Bunny Williams, who has morning glory plants in her own garden! Pro tip: Just make sure you don't acquire the Ipomoea aquatic, which is a species of morning glory that's classified as a noxious weed and is illegal to import, grow, sell, or own without a permit in the U.S.

Nearly Natural Eucalyptus, Maiden Hair and Berry Hanging Basket
Nearly Natural

This set of three hanging plants from Monsecta includes eucalyptus, maidenhair fern, and a berry plant. Eucalyptuses require sunshine and well-drained soil, while maidenhair ferns grow in partial to full shade, and berry plants need full sun and moist soil.

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