8 of the Best Gardening Picks You Can Buy at QVC

These plants and products will make your yard the envy of the neighborhood, guaranteed.

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With the Spring Equinox just around the corner, gardeners everywhere are prepping their beds and plotting out their plants. That means it’s time to restock your gardening essentials, upgrade your tools, and maybe grab a few new fun finds—all of which you can shop at QVC.

From hundreds of live plants and all the tools you didn’t know you needed (plus the ones you do need), the retailer has everything required to whip your garden into shape. Here are eight products we’re adding to our cart ASAP.

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1 Heirloom Tomatoes
Phillip Watson Designs

Whether you’re a vegetable growing rookie or your summer crops are legendary, no edible garden is complete without a few tomato plants. With this set, you’ll get four tasty heirloom varieties, including Cherokee Purple, a sweet version with a slightly smoky flavor, and Amish Paste, a plum-shaped tomato that's both sweet and tangy. QVC even takes the guesswork out of when to put these seedlings in the ground by timing the shipping so that you’re planting at the appropriate time for your region.

2 Do-It-All Multi-Tool

With a locking bypass pruner, garden weeder, crevice weeder, utility nursery knife, and serrated knife, this small but mighty 5-in-1 gadget will quickly become your go-to for deadheading, trimming, and tackling any unruly sprouts.

3 Stylish Watering Can
Barbara King

The French do everything with style—even watering plants. Case in point: This floral printed French-style watering can, characterized by a long spout and an arched handle that extends from front to back, which is so good looking that it doubles as garden decor.

4 Workhorse Weeding Knife

If you’ve ever tried to pull out a clump of dandelion or couch grass by hand, you know how crucial a weeding knife is to eradicating these unwanted guests. This 7.25-inch long stainless steel number is sturdy enough to cut through roots, dig up rocks, and tackle pesky weeds without disturbing your plants. One reviewer called it “the greatest gardening knife” he has ever owned.

5 Fragrant Lavender

No matter what type of garden you have—containers on a balcony, a sprawling country yard—lavender plants are a welcome addition. The scent is heavenly and the bright purple blooms attract pollinators. It’s also extremely low-maintenance and drought-tolerant, and best of all, it comes back year after year.

6 Flower Power

The secret to gardens bursting with brilliant blooms and luscious fruits? Plant food. Novice growers often overlook this crucial player in the gardening game, but it’s essential for healthy plants. This all-purpose mix contains nitrogen to drive leaf growth, phosphate to encourage new roots, and potash to help resist pests and disease.

7 Handy Hedger

Hedging and edging (trimming the bushes and cutting the grass edges your lawnmower can’t reach) are two of the trickier gardening tasks, but this cordless trimmer makes both a breeze. It comes with a 4-inch grass shear for keeping the perimeter of garden beds neat and tidy and a 6-inch hedge blade to tame straggly bushes.

8 Countertop Herb Garden

Bring your garden into your kitchen with this compact hydroponic garden kit. It features six seed pods—Genovese basil, curly parsley, dill, mint, thyme, and Thai basil—that grow in water, no soil needed. The LED grow lights turn on and off automatically, and alert you when it’s time to add more water and plant food.

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