How to Shop for a Refrigerator

Foolproof tips for finding the right fridge.

Miele MasterCool Refrigerator

Your stove might be where the cooking magic happens, but it's actually the refrigerator that's the behind-the-scenes MVP. It's almost always your first stop in the kitchen, and it's the appliance you use the most—the spot where you not only store your ingredients but also scan them, getting inspiration for meals or a quick snack.

So when you’ve got a refrigerator with a streamlined design and top-notch functionality, it can totally transform the way you and your family prep, cook, and eat. How do you find the right one? We tapped Kesha Franklin, lead designer of Halden Interiors, for her expert take.

According to Franklin, a good fridge does these three things: keeps items fresh, stands up to daily use, and stores everything in a way that’s easily visible and accessible, so it’s not just a big black hole of who knows what.

But the best ones go beyond that with innovative extras—like the Miele MasterCool Refrigerator, which comes with endlessly adjustable shelving and technology-enabled storage and cooling compartments that help produce stay fresh up to three times longer. The MasterCool even has a "Push2open" feature for a sleek, handle-free look. (The door opens with a gentle nudge and closes on its own.)

Watch the video above for more on how to choose a standout appliance like the Miele MasterCool Refrigerator to level-up your kitchen.

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