Designer Stephanie Sabbe Is Proud of Her Granny-Chic Sensibility

She loves the hunt for the perfect antique — and her dedication absolutely shows in her work.

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In her quest to turn unassuming vintage castoffs into her clients' most cherished possessions, Nashville designer Stephanie Sabbe creates charm-filled rooms that pay tribute to the interiors of yesteryear.

"I love dusty antiques shops that require popping allergy meds before visiting," says 34-year-old Nashville native Stephanie Sabbe. "It's my sport, and I enjoy the hunt!" 

Although her background lies in commercial design (with stints at Boston and Memphis firms), Sabbe now stays loyal to her granny-chic sensibilities — so deeply rooted that she collected teapots in college. "Nothing says 'hip undergrad' like a wall of hand-painted teapots!" she jokes.

But these quirky finds are precisely what make her spaces feel as if they've been curated over generations, as in this boy's room, with its military chest-turned-bedside table and trove of rugged vintage art. Turns out granny chic is just chic.

Media Platforms Design Team

This story originally appeared in the December/January 2016 issue of House Beautiful. 

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